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Zenny / Female / where your almonds come from

Commissions: Open
Trades: Closed
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Hey everyone ~ I hope 2016 has been going well for all of you I attended Further Confusion earlier this month - and it was pretty chill I'm intending to attend more in the future; BLFC is a for sure go, AC & RMFC are still being considered. Been dealing with an RSI on and off It gets a little bit m…

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Boo-bop. Inactivity / activity ?!

Hey everyone/anyone I try and become active on this site but the uploading features really don't seem to agree with me. The plug-in stopped working and haulted the nice flow of things from uploading it to one place & then the other. And I guess today it let me upload one thing, and the rest kept co…

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TOS & Commission info!

TOS & Commission info is now live; Click here! Commissions are currently [ OPEN ] for digital & traditional media Also taking Pokemon & media requests ex; fennekin in watercolors no personal pokes, just generic/shiny :) just leave a shout or PM!

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i don't think i can make it with art so i kind of want to stop showing everyone b/c it's mine and it's not that interesting anyway it will just be mine. and i can care less about what people think of it if i don't show anyone

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no more ssris~

I am a new person, in this new season; freshness and rejuvenation! As corny as that sounds... I just feel freed from this. :D

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If anybody was interested in commissioning me, I finally have a ToS (WIP) and base prices posted...

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20-25 commissions open!

I'm in a little bit of a financial crisis right now and so I decided to open up quick commissions... Basically something like this! 20 - feral 25 - anthro Send me a PM if you're interested with theme & reference. Any help is much appreciated! 4 slots open.…

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SFW or no?

I'm wondering if I should keep weasyl somewhat separate from FA (which I know, everyone hates anyway) and keep weasyl strictly SFW... or would you guys want to see some of my more risque stuff? I don't know... been debating it since I joined. P: Recently, I've been delving a little bit more into ad…

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Get to know me meme!

What's your real name? Kaleigh. Kay-lee. Not ky-lee. For some reason people think that's how it's pronounced.. How tall are you? 5'6 1/2 What's your natural hair color? Goldy-dark-blonde What's your eye color? Gray-blu What's your orientation? Mostly hetero. Are you single, taken or undecided? take…