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Zag I Guess / 35 / Male with a sprinkling of NB

"I immediately regret not picking a snappier username" ™
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New Name, Nothing Changed

Happy to finally be rid of the random nonsense tacked onto my username; hurrah! To anyone curious ((or even reading this) “Jaed” was a rejected character name for Zag. Of course, this’ll make cross-posting to FA needlessly confusing if/when I do upload, but I prefer Weasyl as a home base, anyway. T…

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Happy Pride

I was sick of going around without the barest trappings of an account, and not having much Pride related content to share, so now we all get to look at the busiest user icon ever. Enjoy! Hope everyone’s had some lovely Pride Times. I’m all for the funsy stuff but it’s great to see the growing push…

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The boy is back in town

I've been out of town or preparing for trips since shortly after I made this account. I'm excited to finally draw some things to post. Starting with an icon, I think. Anyhow, I hope y'all are having a great day and look forward to getting down to business. (The business of drawing for fun.) I hope…