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Hannah Marie/Oliver Smith / 23 / Genderfluid (They, Them) / Kansas

All I needed was you<3
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Holy cow you guys hello there! It's been so long since I've been on here! Apparently almost 2 years<3 Well there isn't much to update unless you haven't been watching my FurAffinity account or my DeviantART account. <3 But to sum it up I've been getting way better at my artwork, I'm in a new relati…

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Might Be Leaving Weasyl

I dunno...this site just didn't catch on to me...and I dunno..things here have been making me depressed and irritated. Or that could just be the sickness and stress talking. Anyways, celebrating 5 months with my boyfriend and it's having a stressful end to it. Nyeh. :T So yeah. I'll be leaving ever…

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♚♛♚ Add Me On Skype! + Imma Pirate! ♚♛♚

Ello matey! Glad that you stumbled upon my journal! Enjoy your stay! <3 Now, onto what this journal is all about. Alright loves, Bay here needs more Skype friends. I never have anyone really to talk to...I only talk to my mate, and one other friend. So if you wanna be closer friends, add me on Skyp…

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♚♛♚Get To Know Me (MEME)♚♛♚

Everyone keeps doing it so yeah. X3 What's your real name? Hannah c: How tall are you? 6 foot something. (Unsure) What's your natural hair color? Medium/Light brown What's your eye color? Hazel, but changes due to surroundings. c: (Brown inside, green outside, blue when in a really good mood outsid…

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♚♛♚ Made a banner ♚♛♚

Finally got myself a banner made! :D I love it, so check it out! ♚♛♚Yes, I'm a raptor now. <3 <3 ♚♛♚ Hope you like! -Rebel

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♚♛♚ Always Looking For Trades ♚♛♚

♚♛♚ Title Should Say All~ ♚♛♚ Okay so, I am obsessed with trades. Not just any trades, but ones of my boyfriend and I. <3 So, if you are open for trades, and can draw my mate and I, feel free to send me a message. <3 With my personal life things have been a little slow, but I get things done~~ Curr…

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♚♛♚ Forever In Love ♚♛♚

Okay okay, I can't help it. I HAVE to post something here about my mate. Him and I have been having our ups and downs and this is JUST the thing to pick us both up, no matter what. It's been a while since I have done this so... Dear Spencer/Convel, Oh sweet love of mine, how this has been a long ad…

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♚♛♚ Hello! ♚♛♚

So, this is my first time writing a journal on this site. It's all so new to me, but I'm an easy learner. ~smiles softly, yet nervously~ I've been starting to get some of my art done and posted on here, so all of you can see what I can do. IF you would like to see more of my work, check out my FA p…