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But why is the Rum gone?
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An Update

So things have been moving forward slowly for me. Which is one of the reasons I've not uploaded much lately. Just moved into a new place finally after three years of hotel living. (It's a long story). Been getting settled into the new place and still need furniture (camping mat for a bed is not all…

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So I've been slowly updating my account here, and so far things have been going well for the most part. Still, wish I could upload a .pages file though. Would save me a ton of time updating this account. On Finding One's True Self, which will be referred to as FOTS from now on. I currently have tra…

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Figuring out how this site works.

Well, I've managed to add a few more submissions, and I have a lot to go still. So it's going to be a slow process on uploading all of my writing here. One thing that kinda irks me, is I can't just copy and paste my story into an editor on the site itself. So I literally have to re-save all my work…