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Uploading Here Again!

Hey to the few folks here, haha! I'm in the works of slowly catching up on my uploads here, and then I'll be uploading my regular content. I'd LOVE for weasyl to be more active, but if we all wait for it to be active before using it, it'll never happen, so pro activeness! Give me a shout if you're…

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Free Art Raffle

Kinda forgot to open this up to Weasyl members, oops. Prize: Winner gets to pick which they want out of these two options: 1 single character pin-up style art piece (nsfw or sfw) OR Reference Sheet w/ 2 extra details included Rules to Enter: Must be watching/following me (why win if you don't like…

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Attention those who like FERAL & FANTASY

I want to do more fantasy themed work, and more animals (ferals included, sfw). As well SFW anthro characters may also work for this. I'd like to do Simple of Full-Shaded pieces, much more detail and background oriented. I need to be building a good portfolio, and I'd like to do this. Unfortunately…