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Umeko Silvershade / 39 / Vixen / Sweden

Hello My Lovelies
Commissions: Open
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Breathing life into this again

Hi there It's been years! I shall revive this place. Just curious to see who's still following me here? Give me a while to upload things

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News and Updates

Well I've been neglecting this place! My life has been so upside down I have just forgotten about it x.x But now I'm back here and will slowly upload most of the stuff from DA and FA here aswell as write up all my characters ^^ I have a few projects going: 1: Draw all my characters 2: Draw all MLP…

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Greetings! I'm as new as can be but if you have Deviantart or FurAffinity you may know me as Umeko on thoes sites as well. I will be filling my submission folder pretty shortly with art, stories and characters. Nice meeting you all!