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Hexy Twi / 28 / Hex Maniac / US, Florida

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Gonna Re-Upload Stuff here

Alrighty~ Twi is gonna re-upload a bunch of old things to get antiquated and such so do be expecting that okie dokie? =3

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Just to Update and such

Hahahaha wow I gotta a lot of work to do and I've been delaying a lot of things from life and all and I kept forgetting things and I'm a bit attached to FA a little and I'm still shy to new things @u@;

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Well hello there '3'

Ummmmm... Wow I'm kinda new here, even though I haven't used this account due to being nervous or not anyone claim my name >'3'> Well hiya there! I'm Twlight! 8D Call me Twi for short, and sure I know some of you from FA know me and moved to here and I'll post my old images when I can learn about t…