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Wolf-Rayet Law / 28

born in the waning sun
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not using this site

as has been kind of evident for years, i'm not active here. only logged on cuz i saw this profile in a google search. catch me here or at any of the listed links provided there. see you weasyl

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my art activity has been at a relative standstill lately i have been recovering from breaking off an abusive relationship for months now and the toll it's taken on my art drive (among everything else) is really noticeable. i haven't stopped wanting to draw i just. cant. most of the time. i've been…

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ive been looking for another way to post my art online besides deviantart (bleh) and tumblr (slightly less bleh) and i forgot about my account here entirely (sorry about that) i havent posted here in like. what. a year?? i dont know. i dont have many followers here but if any of you are around i ho…

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SORRY FOR DEVOURING THE FRONT PAGE i'll be done in about five pictures *exits*