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Perk up those ears and hear the howl because this offer goes out to WOLVES everywhere! Have you been looking all over for a custom plush? Do you have a special place in your heart for genuine animal hides? Look no further! I am offering five, (yes, FIVE), half-price wolf plushies! Each plush stands…

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I am holding a fundraiser for the Carol Milgard Breast Center, a leader in the TESTING of breasts, up to and including 3-D Mammography. This is not for cancer research; it is important, but testing is just as important. The greatest advancements mean nothing if we can't identify the problem in time…

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I dropped the ball, and I'm sorry; 6 days left.

Okay, so, when I tried to take a short-cut and just use the post of August's Raffle for September's, I completely forgot to change the dates in the raffle. The title is correct and the dates have been changed. There are six days left to enter this raffle, so be sure to enter if you'd like a chance…