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Tiggs / 32 / Female / Glasgow, Scotland

Commissions: Open
Trades: Sometimes
Requests: Closed
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I forgot about you Weasyl <3

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Oh Kiriban!!!!

Decided to try this Kiriban thing! Once I hit 20 watchers, I'll choose a random one and do some gift-art for them :D :D :D

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Getting to know you meme :)

What's your real name? Most just call me Debs :) How tall are you? 5'1-ish :) is midget What's your natural hair color? Was a chestnutty brown but it hasn't been that colour for 10 years What's your eye color? grey What's your orientation? Most people assume I'm straight but I'd actually say I lean…

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Hello :)

Yay I finally actually uploaded and used this account :D Figured I best make the move to a site with a decent web layout and isn't shady as fuck ;) Look forward to talking with you all <3