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34 / Female

Commissions: Sometimes
Trades: Closed
Requests: Closed
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[ Happy Holidays and Hello~! ]

Hope things look bright in the new year ahead for you all. ♥ Seasons greetings to my new butts who just watched me and to the ones that still are! ♫ After Crimmus I'll be opening up some sale stream busts! So heads up, they'll be $20.

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Iron Artists Now Available

What You Get: A monochrome detailed sketch. Unlimited slots per person, pre-sketch is not provided. Examples: IA Folder Timeframe: Start to finish: 3 to 6 days This does not include wait time for people ahead of you on the list! Cost: USD $70.00 Add-ons: +50% per character Simple BGs optional Inclu…

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[ My 25th Birthday is Friday + Oni-con ]

Yup, I'm a Halloween baby. Some of you already know x3 I'll be 25 oboy.. ANYWAY While I am on my little hiatus in Mexico, I will be traveling to Galeston, TX for an anime convention this weekend :D WHICH MEANS I get to celebrate by being with my mate dashster and my best friend shadowwolf926 I'll s…

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[ Open for Commissions! ]

Just taking a few and they will be discounted! Price and TOS all located Note me details and reference sheets. I'll quote you a price, if you agree to the price, send me your Paypal email.

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I'd prefer not to have my tags modified.

They are tagged how I submit to every other site, that's my preference. Sorry if that offends or insults, but changing my tags without asking or confronting me about it is rather rude. Especially when you don't know the facts to the commission. Sorry for the small rant.

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Long story short: BEST TRIP EVER. I loved seeing my friends and my Dash <3 To have people close to you for that long of a time without killing each other or hard bumps in friendships, you know you have something rare. I wish to do that all again soon. So glad to be back and doing art again~ Commiss…

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Haaaay everyone! Just thought I’d let you know I’ll be going on a trip to see my friends this month. Yes, the entire month. Drawing will be rare! My attention won’t be towards online, so until the end of July, commissions will be closed. My commission list is empty so I’m not leaving anyone hanging…