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Sit Tight my dudes

'bout to blow the 2+ year dust off this account... apologies for neglecting this place. Life got too lifey but I'm here to try again. I'll try not to flood inboxes with too much old art so I'll just pick the best of the last year or so.

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is there any point in regularly updating here, or

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It's really hard to get feedback on this site, huh? I thought dA was bad, but damn, this is like my experience on Fur Affinity all over again! I've been leaving comments on things that catch my eye on the front page too, so it's not as if I'm just asking for comments without giving anything back. :…

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re: Submission dump

I realized afterwards that a lot of the artwork I'd been doing was traditional, and since I don't own a scanner it is all on my phone. As Weasyl doesn't have an app, I guess it's stuck there, DeviantArt, and/or Tumblr. I also put a good chunk of it on Instagram. It sucks too, I really like the desi…

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Time for my bi-monthly art dump

I keep forgetting this website. Mostly because I tend to hang around where I get the most feedback... looks at almost abandoned wysp account

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Hey ho Kermit dee Frog here

Not really. My voice does not sound like Kermit. I had a teacher back in juniour high school who did though. It was hard to take him seriously because of that sometimes. Supposedly he was the drama teacher at one point but I had him for Social Studies which was... bleh. We just played computer simu…

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I am so, so sorry.

I actually haven't been on this site since at least August I think, so naturally I had a lot to upload to get this gallery up to date. I even skipped out on a lot of the sketchy things I did simply because there was a lot I was uploading already. I kind of forgot I had an account on this website he…

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Oh hey, even journals are rated, neat. Just wanted to make something to greet my new followers. I hope I can continue to produce arts you enjoy! <: