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Emily Ormsby / 32 / New England USA

Commissions: Open
Trades: Sometimes
Requests: Closed
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Livestreams and/or Speedpaints?

I know I have a whopping 10 followers on here, but I posted this on my other galleries, so may as well ask here: If I were to livestream my work, and/or record speedpainting videos, would anyone be interested? I wouldn't be starting for a while, I'm going to be moving next month, and my new compute…

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Quick Survey

I posted this on my DA, FA, and Tumblr and I know most of my watchers here also follow me on those other sites....BUT in case you do not.. Just a couple things I was curious about: 1)How did you find my page? 2)How would you describe my art? 3)What do you like about my work? 4)Is there anything you…

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YCH and Commission Slots Open!

Looking to fill some commission slots in the next week. I can take a quite a few, depending on the size of each one. Pieces will be finished within a couple week's time (excluding large hyper-detailed pieces) I also have a YCH offer on my FA page here: Ther…

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Commission Info

I've uploaded my price sheet for commissions into my gallery, so anyone looking for a ballpark price, as well as some visual examples, please check there. Any questions, feel free to message me here. If you want a quicker answer, try me on my facebook page or email, and I will get back to you as so…

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Currently Uploading Artwork!

It will be a slow process, but I'm uploading my art here (finally)! I'm most likely not going to update this page frequently, and will only upload my very best anthro/furry works here. However I will check messages every few days, so you may contact me on here. If you wan't to get a hold of me righ…

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New Page!

I just started this page here as another place for my furry/anthro art. Please bear with me as I get my art uploaded here!