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Returning & 2016 Convention Schedule

Hey everyone, Sorry for my inactivity here - I will begin posting regularly once again, and will pick up where I left off. I also wanted to share which conventions I'll be attending this year (so far.) ✩ Anime Boston ~ March 25-27th ✩ Zenkaikon ~ April 1-3rd ✩ Jaycon ~ April 9-10th ✩ Otakon ~ Augus…

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Zenkaikon: March 27th - 29th

This weekend, I'll be attending Zenkaikon for the first time! You can find me in the artist alley at table 20, and I'll be selling postcards, bookmarks, zipper bags, wall scrolls and more. If you're attending, feel free to stop by and say hi! Map: http://teafoxillustrations.tumblr.com/post/11442699…

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New Prism Bookmarks on Etsy (Fixed)

*Reposting - didn't realize the link did not work in the original post. Sorry! Prepping for upcoming conventions has begun, and I received a shipment of new bookmarks! A handful of them have been posted to Etsy. These bookmarks feature prisms that shimmer rainbow colors when turned in the light. Fi…

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Etsy, Redbubble & 2015 Cons

Etsy, Redbubble & 2015 Cons My profile, contact information and gallery is now updated (sorry for the spam!) I've been inactive for half a year here, so there are new additions and updates worth sharing. My Etsy store now offers bookmarks and wall scrolls featuring my art. I'm also waiting on a new…

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Returning to Update!

Dropping by today to tidy up my page and update my gallery :> I'll try to be more diligent with keeping this account active in the future.