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It's been forever since I've updated anything here... pretty much everything is outdated! So, expect some updating. I'm not, in fact, dead. Just got really caught up in "personal" issues. Time to get things reset and whipped up into shape!

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Microsoft Word and Spell Check

Dear Spell Check; Please stop telling me that my characters have multiple faces. I did, in fact, intend to write "hid her face" and not "hid her faces". Additionally, the S'ahl are a species, not an individual. Please stop butchering my grammar accordingly. That is all.

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Well, I got some work done on Sand at least! Not actual story progress, but I've been trying to develop a couple characters some more. You really don't realize how long it takes to design a whole new person from the bottom up until you actually sit down and do it. I'm not even done with one town. W…

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15 pages... now that is ironic. As it turns out, I'm still sitting at eight! Between other stuff going on and me just being plain lazy, I literally have neglected writing all flippin' week, and am kicking myself for it. Got to chase issues with my truck, got to order this bit and that bit, got to o…

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Yes, I am currently neck deep in dialogue. You know, I have always found the construction of dialogue to be exceedingly challenging and arduous. I'm uncertain as to why, but it's proving to be very time consuming. Not that this is necessarily a bad thing, of course. What better way to characterize…

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Updates and Miscellaneous Things

I'm still working on Sand. Finally made it to a full seven pages of actual story, and nearly forty pages of brainstorming, species designs, world design, etc. At this point, I REALLY want to get some of these characters illustrated for my personal use as a visual reference, so I guess I ought to st…

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Nineteen Pages of World Building on the Wall...

Nineteen pages of world building, write one down, staple it up, twenty pages of world building on the wall. Hehe, I'm still working on Sand, guys, I promise. I've just been doing a LOT of brainstorming regarding the numerous species which will be featured, as well as the world which they inhabit. M…

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Hello! I'm still working on Sand, but I've been sidetracked by world building. Stay tuned!