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Svaros / Male / Texas, USA

Fair enough
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Updates to Variants and New Art

Hello there I've gone back through and I've edited some of the variants to combine more of them into a single image. What that means for you is that while you will see some posts get moved to the scraps as older art, you will get new views on older items without cluttering up your inbox. There will…

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So, what many of you may not know is that I've been trying out being a hermaphrodite many time on and off for several years. However, I have feared what others may have thought about me as a herm. I have casted that off as of today. I'm tired of not being able to fit in as a male or a female in my…

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So, I've decided that I really can't deal with the craziness of fur and have this decided to get rid of it (an easy thing to do if you're a robot). Thusly I decided that I'd add a few things. Those things turned out to be fins, so, yeppers, I have decided to join the sharkdom in the fandom. So, hop…