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heeeeee :D
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Free art!

Gots a lot of free time at work coming up here in the next few days so everyone who comments below with a link to the characters image will get said character doodled into a page in my sketchbook. Will scan the images and post for your viewing pleasure.

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Haven't updated for quite some time. I have had so many computer issues. And FA has once again turned its back on me so this and my DA will be my primary Way to show my art. Probably also going to make a Facebook arists page and possibly even a small website

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Is having a bit of a crisis. I feel I have reached my cap with my art skill and I hate it. I want to push my art more but the more I try the more I feel my art get worse. Its why I haven't uploaded anything in a while. SIGH.... It doesn't help that I keep having to lower the prices on my commission…

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Update Time

So Con was awesome met Patric Stewart and spent all my moneis. didn't pick up any new comics but met and chatted with a few webcomic artists and got feedback on my art :3 Since I currently have $23 to my name it would be greatly appreciated if you buy my adoptables or even commission me! I am curre…

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Emerald City Comic Con

FFFFFYA next weekend is ECC and im excited. who all is going? feel like grabbing lunch with your favorite tubby tabby! Just let me know. I'll probably be in the magic area most of the time. should update on my health This last week I was sent to the hospital for what appeared to be anpolatic shock…