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That feel when you discover you've been blocked by someone for absolutely no reason. Not the first time this happened. Aw yea gurl.

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What up new followers? <3

Quite a few people have watched me recently. Hello and welcome! I should probably post some art, seeing that I haven't for some time. Lets get some meet and greet, what would you like to see me post? Paintings? Sketches? Illustrations? Tell me!

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Hey Ya'll

How is weasyl doing? Sorry I don't post often. I don't have much to post since I want to treat this more like a portfolio. I'm sorry.

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Aww Yissssss

I am building my personal army right now. Prepare yourselves and your anuses.

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Doodle Money + Site so far.

The site is really awesome and its fantastic to see so many people willing to help and work together to make this place to the the best it possibly can! I'm hoping this site reaches its full potential and bring in more of a variety of artists. Our members, staff and coders are all doing a fantastic…

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This site is extra snazzy. I love it.