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stitchedtogether / Female

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Huge Image Dump

Yeah if you haven't noticed, I'm putting most of my newer work to this account because I'm letting this gather dust. This place might not be as active but I feel I should have an alternative to my tumblr.

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I'm gonna actually post stuff this time

Yeah... I completely forgot to upload anything at all like I said I would some months back. I'm gonna do that today while I can. Most of the stuff that I'm gonna post is mostly fanart, particularly of Sinclair from Bioshock 2 since he's been peaking my interest the most as of late. I honestly don't…

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Gonna post more here soon

I haven't used this account for months now(kind of sucks I don't personally). I should post soon though. I've been vaguely using a new FA account but considering how everything has been going in just one year over there(especially with recent news), I feel it would be good to switch here. I've had…