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So @civerakor left the site and he said that he would talk when I talked but guess what I asked a question that wasn't FUCKING ANSWERED I WANT MY ANSWER

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Another person has added me to they're block list for saying a joke Why do you people have to so triggered?

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The hell?

What's going on? Why is everyone putting me on they're ignore list when I haven't done anything wrong

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Well now

Someone named @faysethecat has just put me on they're ignored list Now I dont know them yet they added me to it I have no idea what I did to them

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Does anyone RP on Skype..? I mainly do Vore,Dragon,and pokemon

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Going under a name change

Since I have left the jjba fandom I will now change my name to KashiPrairie (I'm also on fa by the same name)

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"Its not like you're finally doing requests!!!"

Well I'm currently doing requests It will only be hiimdaisy faces (look up hiimdaisy for his/her comics) Feel free to ask for one I will do the lets destroy series to the Persona 4 comic!!!

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Was it worth it

It wasn't worth making Furry accounts due to furries now targeting me for hate and threats I shall now leave Weasyl Goodbye -StarDustCruDrawer 2016

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Um I'm looking for vore users with skype because I felt like rping