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Pixyl / 31 / Genderqueer / SoCal

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HEY NERDS sorry I havn't been posting here, I'm still mostly only active on Twitter and Tumblr in terms of posting art, and even then its been sorta dry lately because I JUST finished finals week. Anyway, I may upload some recent junk here and try to stay current with my doodles and such! I serious…

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What the HECK is an Update

Sorry for not being as active as I promised to be on this here site School is slowly killing me, but with storyboard and animation courses I'm finally getting into the thick of my concentration! Just at the mere cost of my sanity, restfulness, and livelihood. The price we pay for an education amiri…

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New Semester

I aaaaaam starting classes up again [Mostly art classes- including 3D modeling/animating in Maya!...ugh] so I guess theres one life update. Im gonna maybe try to doodle more and upload, I feel like all my art sites are a ghost town and Im real sorry bout that. Motivation and productivity have been…

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Quick Note.

Zest and I are no longer a couple. I neglected to be open about it for a while and I'm sorry. Its been the major cause of all my recent stress and depression as of late, and I still need lots of time and room to heal. Please excuse my inactivity.

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Unpacked and Ready

ALRIGHT I've made the move. Still uploading some favorites from FA and dA, but here I am. So far I'm really diggin the site layout and submission system, everything about FA and its user interface always felt like a chore to me. I've been meaning to transfer over here for a while, and I feel really…