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gosh dangit

I really cannot keep track of 3 art sites and stay active on this one or FA.

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need to be more active, lol

When was the last time I used this site, xD? I hope to post more art often and possibly offer up a full commission price list soon. I am much more active on DA (and a little on FA). My username is the same for those sites as it is for this one.

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yay, I'm 18

Now I'm a legal adult~ ...but I won't act like an adult yet. Being a kid is still FTW. ...crap, now I gotta update my fursona's reference sheet.

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art trades?

anyone wanna do an art trade with me? you can tell me which of your characters you'd like me to do, and what you are willing to draw for your half; i'll be willing to do the same. for me, i'd like drawings of either my fursona, Gemini, or Zalt (in my characters), anthro or feral, doesn't matter

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Yeah, just gonna make a small journal here; gonna shout out my thoughts about this website so far. Weasyl is nice; love the little thumbnails for the pictures, and how organized it is. Easy to learn right away. For those of you who don't know, I have a DeviantART account, Spottedfire23, and that'll…