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Let's Get It Started

Whelp, forgot I had a profile here... but hey! Some random browsing brought me back and I managed to log into my profile so that's all good! Hopefully I'll be able to start loading some art back up here!

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Free Art Raffle

Hey guys :3 You should visit here: https://www.weasyl.com/journal/76982/free-art-raffle Brewster is hosting an art raffle for a few lucky winners ^^

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Midnight of Sierra- Fantasy Wolf Roleplay

Welcome to the land of Sierra!!! According to old lore, the mountains of Sierra used to be home to the wonderful, amazing, first elemental wolf the world had ever known. When he passed on, he left behind him a trail of decedents that over time became known as the wolves of the sierra's. These wolve…

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Pokemon X Battles?

So, for a few days I've been working on a team for battles in my Pokemon X game. While I've been on vacation I've been training some new additions to my team and now along with the other pokemon I've trained I've got a little bit of an army to pick and choose from <3 Now I'm itching to try some of…