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Socks / Male / near Milwaukee, WI

That which does not kill you makes you funnier. -Dennis Miller
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Would you folks support a Patreon feed?

Hey everyone. With my family stuff going on, it's making me re-examine a lot of things. One of which is my constant lack of money. So, I'm throwing this out there. Would you support a patreon for myself? It would probably involve "X" stories a month, with access, and feedback / suggestions. I haven…

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So where int he world is all my stuff? HERE!

So.... Here's ALL the places I am all over the unifurse, in alphabetical order : DeviantArt : Fur Affinity : Furry Network : So Furry : Weasyl : https://ww…

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Photos transferred from FA

So thanks to the google tool ( I transferred a lot of the fursuiting pics over from FA. The stories? Ok, the tool isn't really set up for that so I'm gonna have to do it the hard way…

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So, hi!

Just a first journal entry to say hello, and to reassure people this isn't a 'bot account or somtehing stupid like that. So I'm a writer, I do video, I do a lot of other stuff too. Not sure what to say here, but then again I'm setting things up and trying to find people so yeah I'm distracted. But…