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Slick Wulf

Slick Wulf / Wang-Bearer / Eastern PA

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When all I can do to help is this, it's what I do.

I know what it's like to get screwed and just never seem to see the way out. So, if anyone can do anything to help, check this out and see if you can help.

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Need help, selling guns.

So, long story short: bad shit happened and I'm in a desperate place where I need to come up with money fast. Father had surgery today, there's not a lot of good news I've been getting lately. he may loose one or both hands... or at the very least, loose the use of half of his hands. (thumb, index,…

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I went there. I drank all the beer ever. My badge name was "Fun Dumpster" I help create the beer box "fur-suit" with the help of too much to drink and some other fine folk in 40oz Hyenas room. Got home later than expected. Told myself I wouldn't drink for like 2 weeks.... promptly went out to get m…