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i finally got my mastectomy!! it was a really really arduous process but wow i feel so much better mentally and everything like WOW. i'm mostly on tumblr these days, batty.co.vu or transrants.tumblr.com is my url if you didn't know that. i post all new art there really. i might actually be going to…

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Surgery Fundraiser

LINK: life.indiegogo.com/fundraisers/charley-needs-surgery/x/8138639 (Hi everyone, I am launching another fundraiser because my situation has become extremely dire and I really can’t handle the constant suicidal ideation I’m dealing with along with the steadily worsening agoraphobia from PTSD and d…

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Surgery Fundraiser with REWARDS - PLEASE share!

I made a fundraising campaign for my surgery with REWARDS!! Please share this! My name is Charley and I am a 20 year old disabled trans artist. I have been trying my best to save up for a much-needed chest surgery which would majorly improve my quality of life, but being disabled and trans makes it…

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Losing friends for speaking out against oppression is not a loss at all.

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Why it's problematic to paint Macklemore as an "icon for LGBT rights"

Someone on tumblr asked me about the Macklemore debacle at the Grammys and I thought some people on here would benefit from understanding why painting Macklemore as an LGBT rights icon is a problematic and terrible thing. Pardon my language and this very long post. Macklemore is literally as bad as…

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Just finished moving a ton of art over to this site

I'm slowly going to move to posting art exclusively here. Hopefully this is the last straw for people sticking around FA. My submission box on FA right now is full of disgusting rape apologist journals like this fucking gross guy: http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/5423133/ (actual quote: "Let's as…

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On weasyl!

I am really loving this site! Particularly how much I can do from my phone! Here's hoping it takes off.