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Rock'em Hard, Rock'em Fast, Metal Forever
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Some news and updates to the Radio Station

Well some of you that listen to Marshal Radio X will notice it's not streaming... Reason our host provider disappeared a month ago and stopped service a few days ago. I was unaware of this until 4 days ago so I'm am scrambling to find a new host provider. For now you can listen to the podcasts foun…

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New Podcast available now

WOW! it's been 3 weeks since I said I was going to do a Podcast so here it is... New podcast, Sivar's Lair: Episode 6 "Doctor Who? Doctor Hardcore!"\_23\_21-08\_00

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Its official, I have a time

Well here it is, including links to the actual schedule. Yeah I'm right after opening Ceremonies but still it is the best time to learn how to make the most of your Con right away. As I said I'm also going to have a Con guidelines handout as well as the Guide I posted on here in 2011 so you can use…

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For those of you that care I got wind of when my Panel will be running during FF2013 I'm not posting it now as I believe it's still subject to change as they have not posted it yet on the FF Site yet and wont until who knows in October. Matters not but I will post my time up at least 2 weeks prior…

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Thats it for tonight

Well I've finally decided to add more to my Weasly account after not doing anything with this account for what... 4 months+ I've added what 14 pictures between 2 different events. I'm going to start copy and pasting my journals I post from here on out, on Weasly that I post on FA. some of you are n…

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I really should do more with this account I keep forgetting it exists here. I'll rectify it later this week and start copying over some of my journals from FA