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Simon / Male / California

There are some who call me... Tim?
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Finished posting (most of) my commission backlog

It took a lot of doing, but as of today I've published pretty much all of the commissions and art I've received before the end of 2020, with a few exceptions, totalling about 40 works not including variants. There are a few more pieces I've received since then, and some pieces that I'm still debati…

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Introducing Raccoony! (addon for Firefox)

So, I've spent the past few weekends working on this addon after getting frustrated with not having the features of FurAffinity Extender and Inkbunny Downloader on other art sites. It's at a point where I feel like it's polished enough to release publicly, so here goes: Features Download any submis…

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Finished mirroring my FA gallery

I should be pretty much caught up with everything posted to my FA gallery now. I'm planning to try posting new stuff here first, though whether I can find anything like the Waxpost extension for FA might influence whether that actually happens. If I can't find anything, I'll at least post here simu…

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User style for seeing title and author below thumbnails

I made a quickie userstyle that shows the title and username of a work in your submission notifications and in the site browse/search areas. It's a bit rough around the edges, but it works well enough. You can find it here:…

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*dusts off the cobwebs*

Just watched a bunch of people from FA, and I'm going to try to keep up with posts here more. I'm also working on some user-scripts/styles to see if I can't fix a couple of annoying things without having to wait for an update.

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Hi Weasyl!

Just recently joined and followed a whole bunch of folks. So, hi there. :)