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SilverPawHusky / 30 / Hermaphrodite / Inkster, MI

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So as some of you know I just got myself a job, saif job is working nights stocking shelves. Now it's not bad work or anything but how do you not feel like the day is a waste when you sleep all day? Like I start work at 10 p.m. and get out about 6:30 a.m. After that, I come home, sit down, poke som…

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Motor City Furry Con

So I will be at my home con of Motor City Furry Con coming up soon. I will be there on Thursday to Monday, I will be doing my normal of hookah circles all weekend so if anyone is going make sure to come see me out back!

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Uploading art

So I don't think I will be uploading any of the older art I have on to here. What's here now is here but I think from this point on I will only upload new art I get. Just don't feel like uploading all the art I have from FA. Might at some point go and pick ones to upload here. Not sure yet.