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shuyo / 28 / sometimes / NH

rap game taylor swift .45 on my hip
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FWA tho

Where are you staying? the Westin duh What day are you getting there? Thursday morning as early as possible Who will you be rooming with? , Sadie, Rocky, Jet, Vince. Who will you hang out with during the convention? AS MANY PEOPLE AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE Will you be suiting? I want to! If someone lets…

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A Quick Thing About Me

What's your real name? My real (boring) name is Nathaniel, I go by Nate. How tall are you? Somewhere around 5'10". What's your natural hair color? Uh... I think medium brown? What's your eye color? Blue. :D What's your orientation? I'd say bisexual with a very strong bias towards male-bodied people…