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Shushikitty / 29 / Female

The kitty you can eat!
Commissions: Open
Trades: Sometimes
Requests: Closed
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Go here for the freebies <3

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Art dump tomorrow! How are ya guys?

Been slow updating over here. Will be uploading a few pieces over here. Plus my commission sheet for those wanting to get a few things from me. How are you guys?

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$15 busts! Fully shaded!

NOTE: Rated general only cause I offer SFW busts. I have marked NSFW for links that show adult content. Ok so I really want to work on expressions. owo I really need to practice on them. So ima do alot of doodle busts in the next week. Will work on other commission here and there. If you want to ca…

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More active I swear

I havent used Weasyl a whole lot. I should though. I will have to start uploading here. Since alot of people are leaving FA and coming here for the most part. FA drama like usual X3 Doesnt hurt to branch out on other sites. Im also on DA

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Hello there guys!

Finally getting art posted on this account -w- soon enough i shall work on getting the commission thing figured out. But for now i shall go work on my dishes -w- bleh