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I Have A Hunch 07 - Starlight Glimmer's Time Spell

YouTube MLP Video 'I Have A Hunch'

I Have A Hunch - 05 A Canterlot Setup

AnthroCon 2018 Furry Femme Shoot

36Hr Radio Stream Fund Raiser TONIGHT

Recent MLP Project "I Have A Hunch"

Stuff being said about.. well... ME... (SL)

AC2017 - I will be there....

Ride for Roswell 2017 Fundraiser

Ride for Roswell 36 Hr Fund Raiser NOW

Voices from the Past....

Furry Femme Shoot groups via FaceBook

Short update....

Furnal Equinox at The Castle

Headed out to Furnal Equinox

2015 - 1988 = 27 years later....

Returned from A.C.2015.. news to follow....

I'm Alive... but not well....

Furry Femme Shoot - AnthroCon 2015

TFC's 36 Hr. SL Fund Raiser for R4R

No Music tonight (Mon 16 Feb)

NYE Via Skype with TT!

No show at Xanadu Tonight

Xanadu Show Canceled (Mon 22 Sept)

The Feline Conspiracy's 11th Karaoke Contest

Creating Photo Collages from AnthroCon 2014

Holy CRAP! The VlogCast - Ep024 - As You Wish...

Old enough to drink....

AnthroCon '14

Breakfast with Fred 2014

No Wed-Night 80's Bash tonight...

Xanadu - No Show tonight

FE 2014 - Short Recap

Holy CRAP! The Vlogcast...

Xanadu - No Show tonight

Tonight's Xanadu show - Cancelled

AnthroCon, AWAY!

AC2013 - LOTS of stuff (Please Repost if Going)

When I Was Your Age posted....

When I Was Your Age posted....

36 Hour Fund Raiser Stream - Called off

36 Hour Fund Raiser Stream (R4R)

8 Bells....

When I Was Your Age posted....

Flashback Newscast - 17 April 2013 (Season Closer)

Flashback Newscast posted

FlashbackNewscast - 03 April 2013

Flashback Newscast - 27 Mar 2013 Posted

So, yeah... I'm here....