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Chakat Blackspots / 44 / Herm / Texas, USA

Lt Cmdr Chakat "Susan" Blackspots
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How to create user names and more

This was pointed out to me by dogteeth on how to do things like create user names, and you go here and check this link out: https://www.weasyl.com/help/markdown For example (without the - ): dogteeth = [-]-(user:name) = !-[-]-(user:name) dogteeth = !-[-username-]-(user:name)

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Mass upload

Alrighty, decided I would go ahead and use this account as is. I just wish you can change the account name.

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Major change

Ok, I've gone through a major change of fursonas here. So, I am determining if I should create a new account, or just keep this one. For what it's worth, my fursuit will be a male, digitigrade version of my chakat fursona. Which of course will be a snow leopard.

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First Journal on Weasyl

Considering the attitude of the admins towards someone being harassed on FurAffinity, I feel it is no longer worth staying on FA. All my art will be moved to here over time.