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Moth / 30 / Female

Commissions: Open
Trades: Sometimes
Requests: Closed
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$5 Sketch Commissions!

Hey guys I'm open for some $5 sketch commissions ($8 for colored sketches) right now so I can have a little extra spending money because that's always awesome. JUST A headshot is $3 uncolored, $6 colored I'll draw pretty much any animal or monster (so long as it is not human faced or too human-like…

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Trading away these designs: Seeking Humans or Humanoid designs mostly, custom or pre-made. May consider ferals/quadrupeds and monsters as well- or art (depending on the design). Note me or post here with offers please!

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Small Commissions Open!

OPEN FOR SMALL COMMISSIONS! Saving money for gifts, and sending some of it to help a friend of a friend with vet bills for her guinea pig. Comment or note me to claim a slot! If you found this through tumblr and don't have a weasyl, you can send an ask or fanmail to lanternmoth! [Or you can send a…

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Icon Trades?

Would anybody be interested in doing some small icon trades? Just 100x100 icons I mean, not like 50x50 I like working on small things like icons and I LIKE ALSO HAVING ICONS SO. I can do pixel or chibi icons, just depends on what you want! Just post if you're interested, maybe link some past icons…

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Where Else to Find Me

If you wanna see more art, like WIPs and doodles and stuff, you can find me on tumblr: Tumblr is kept far more up to date than Weasyl- I'm trying to only post up finished works here. As a heads up, my Tumblr is not only for art purposes. You'll find a lot of fandom th…

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Anybody up for some sort of art trade? :O Can be anything really, I'll even consider designs in trade for art. So I guess just post if you're interested and I'll pick one or two in a bit?