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OMG i'm getting old!!

We'll not yet and I know I'm not THAT old but talking with my cuz who I held the day she was born and her telling me about soccer practice is making me feel that way!! So long story short to keep myself busy I'm going to be posting twelve (12) YCH auctions each day leading up to my birthday. Each o…

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2 Slots Open

I'm still home sick from work and would like to keep chugging away at my Goal So I have two slots open for commissions. If your unable to at the moment a shout out in your journal would be appreciated. I feel bad spamming you guys I just would really like to be working on something right now XD Rex…

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Hello Weasyl!

Hello Everyone! So after the FA scare I realized that I don't have my art anywhere else online and I don't make it quite clear where I can be reached in case of complete and utter failureeeeeeeee so over the next little bit will be getting parts of my gallery over here sooo yeah! Sorry for all the…

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Holly Holly HO!!

Thank you EVERYONE for such a warm welcome back to the community! I can't tell you how much it means to me and motivates me to do more for everyone! Wile I'm trying to continue to progress, the question of Commissions came up and I don't feel right asking for full on commissions yet, I posted about…