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Other Character Art Uploads

I've been trying to fill in all the art I have of my main sona (Screamy) over the past week or so but I'm debating on whether or not I want to do the same for my other characters. I have their profiles on my page but it's A LOT of art to upload XD What I'll probably do is upload them either in wave…

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FA: U Meme

Stolen from Sciggles (on FA) Where are you staying? The Hanover Marriott (main convention hotel) What day are you getting there? Thursday late afternoon/evening Who are you rooming with? :Brabant-Stallion (FA) and TsuminoTora (FA) Who will you hang out with during the convention? :iconBrabant-Stall…

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It's my birthday!

Yep. Today I turn 22 which....isn't....that special but it's still my birthday so yay! I'll be happily spending it with my mate and sleeping in because classes have been cancelled ;>

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Getting to Know Me

What's your real name? Francesca, but most of my friends call me Fran. Names you go by? Mostly just Screamy. How old are you? I'll be 22 as of January 28th How old do you feel/act? Eh. I guess it depends. I like to think I act my age but I have my immature moments. How tall are you? 5'6" What's you…

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Weasyl Banner Art Commission

So I've seen a lot of awesome profile banners on this site and I was just wondering if anyone who is currently open for commissions would be willing to make me one. I have my character reference sheet uploaded so if you're interested please message me :>