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Hold on, I'm putting you on speakercrab.
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(blows the dust off) oh.. a journal

howdy pardners Been a while, huh?? here's what you've missed: I'm gay (and have been the whole time, compulsive heteronormativity's a b) You shoud refer to me as they/them if you don't know me very well I have two girlfriends and we're all very happy together New year, new me, new art. Thanks for s…

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long time no see

sorry for the inactivity - it's been a busy year I'm much more active on tumblr and twitter at the moment, but i'll be taking some time to upload some things from the last year before commissions reopen in early february :)

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Commissions Open for 2016

Hey!! I updated my pricing and commission form for the year. It's all linked on my main page, but for your convenience: Visual Pricing Sheet: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/17564668/ Terms of Service: https://goo.gl/uBCySb Ordering Form: http://goo.gl/forms/XXUozkuMvn Public Queue: https://trello.…

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New Years Eve

We did it, guys (and gals, and bees). We made it through to 2016. Let's make it a new one. I plan to revise my commission chart and form some time this month to make them a bit easier to use, and better reflect what I'm able to offer. Please, look forward to it!

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Short Hold

Hi all! I'm in the process of moving into a new place and won't be able to answer commission inquiries or questions until Tuesday, November 3 I've been doing lots of sketches for Inktober 2015 but haven't found time to post them with everything going on. Dang!! I'll see about getting them uploaded…

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where's the art?

Hi all! I've been incredibly busy with Real Life Stuff (and will remain busy until early November), but I'm still drawing! I don't upload all my small sketches to my gallery. You should follow either my art tumblr or twitter for those! Some of the art may be NSFW, but there isn't anything explicit.…