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Runnhurd / Male / UK

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Runnic the hybrid comic reboot issue 1 Twilight worlds

issue 1 of my reboot comic is complate a good long 31 pages. now I will explain some things about it, the story take place in the Archie comics reboot, that is Archie + Sega mix. years before Eggman try to take control of Mobotropolis, 3 Echidnas of the Norcturne clan got out of the Twilight Cage,…

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me and my art work

I am new to here but most of my work is on DA, FA and Ink. so I will leave links here for people to see my work I done that Art work and Models of late I started to do. I come far over the time I started and it mainly thank to my friends I come this far, I hope to do alot more work on art and model…