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Robertge / 28 / Male / Long Beach, CA

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Halloween Commissions [TF Icons + More]

It's that time of the year for spoops! It's October and as such there's going to be Halloween themed commissions! Starting tomorrow, icons and single character tf themed commissions will be worked on! These commissions will be special, as for the occasion! Icons can be standard Halloween themed or…

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I'm noticing a theme here..

Every time FA goes down i seem to update here. But the problem is i have so much, i dont know where to really start. Its kinda annoying since i really should update both here and over on FA at the same time, but oh well. Anyways, expect some stuff maybe possibly.

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WOOO! Thank you everyone for liking my artwork :D We just got a few more submissions to go to catch up to my FA load, then new things will be posted! Lets kick start 2014 proper!

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Open For Commissions

Why oh why is FA still down? :T It's hurting me badly. Like really badly. *sighs* well in any case I'm open for commissions. If anyone is out there, send me a PM of you're interested in getting a commission quote from me. My base prices are on the front of my page. We can negotiate what you'd like,…

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Preparing Your Face For Arts

As of today I'll be posting a hell of a lot of my work up on Weasyl. Why? Because FA is down and i need to update my page anyways. 3 2 1 GO!

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Hello Weasyl!

I'm so excited to be here! ^^ Everything's so shiny and new! Plus i personally like this place better than the other alt. art sites. :3 I'll be posting new pics here momentarily. In the meantime I'll be checking out all of what Weasyl has to offer! ^^