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RMC / Clown / Central NY

shut up bitch
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Contact Info + whatever else.

hi. i don't really post here all that often & I wanna get back into art now that I have a better computer that can handle art programs a little less shitty. It'll probably be a while before I do post anything though and I don't expect a lot of views or the like, but its all appreciated all the same…

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i know nobody is gonna really read this but w/e i feel like saying stuff

you never truly understand what it feels like to have someone taken away from you until it happens. it isn't fair. it's awful. Tony, if you were here right now I'd give you a big hug and tell you to stop doing what you were doing with the wrong people, man. They weren't the kinda people to be aroun…

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hi im still here

so i barely use this but whatever i'll try and use it a little more to help support my bros in the meantime, get to know me meme What's your real name? joe How tall are you? 6'0" What's your natural hair color? dark brown/black What's your eye color? hazel What's your orientation? lol Are you singl…

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Hurricane Sandy

if i die im leaving my computer 2 annie so she doesnt have to play with ps2 graphics when she plays video games bye!

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Hi guys. I'll try uploading some stuff when i get around to it. I don't really do much nowadays so don't expect something amazing.