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Roystonn Pruitt / 35 / Male / Texas

Remarkably jolly!
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Character Art Commissions are Now Open!

Yup! Please see the commission info at the bottom of the page, or go straight to the relevant journal entry on my commissions account, Roy's Travel Bus. Click here!

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Questionnaerial Assault

Totally had to do this for the characters of my book, Riesel Tales: Two Hunters. Behold: everyone's favorite loopy bounty hunter duo Runge and Ramy answer a questionnaire. What is your name? Runge: Runge Margavo. Are we done yet? Ramy: Ramy Dusotes. Please pardon my partner's insanity. Do you know…

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I am Roy. I write. I art. I bring merriment to the world. Yay! I have a book, and the universe within is what my art reflects. Riesel Tales: Two Hunters, Volume 1 A world paved with cityscape and crime. A playground full of bounties to be collected. -- Tagline An unending expanse of miles-high towe…