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~Remmy / 25 / Queer / Mini Soda

Nothing, I'm boring.
Commissions: Open
Trades: Open
Requests: Sometimes
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Open for chit chat!

Hello Fellow followers of I! Tis Remmy here Saying, If your an active follower on here plz talk to me! Furries everywhere are lacking social contact which makes me sad >.> PM ME GUYS! ASK QUESTONS @ Tumblr! I respond with a drawing! Thanks! -Remmy

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HELLO! (read)

I know I havent been very active on Weasyl anymore but in going to change that! Im doing commissions now (note me if interested THERE CHEAP!) And as for you followers XD I dont know many of you over here, lets get to know each other! Im in a friendly mood at this moment in time so please active fol…

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Im on tumblr now so follow me!

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100th Follower = FREE ART!

I am currently at 98 followers! 100th gets FREE ART! Thank yo all for the love and support! ^^ LOVE YOU ALL! <3 -Remmy

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Need to get on here more!

i do! I really do! im sorry all u.u XD Well Detour was AMAZING, life changing too <3 Hopefully Ill be able to attend FM this summer DX Leave me a message or request and I will gladly take it!

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Off to Detour soon/Requests open again!

Once again requests are open full colored or sketches! Im glad to take really anything. I would commission but im 15. Really dont need the money now. So I am also off to Detour soon, in Minnesota, cant wait to chill with the other furs that are going, I will also be doing drawings for people there…

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DeviantART Feel free to add me! Check it out!

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Making a joural because ive finally got a skype! @ RemCakes Rhavin Miller

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Upcoming con

I will be attending Detour in MN! Come find me! I will have a stand n stuffs too! ~ Will be with Gimme hugs if your attending!

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Get to know me meme!

Getting to Know You Meme? Ive got requested a couple times to do this, so here you go! What's your real name? Rhavin How tall are you? 6’2" What's your natural hair color? Brownie goldie? What's your eye color? Blue/green What's your orientation? Gay Are you single, taken or undecided? Mated happil…