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Commissions: Filled
Trades: Closed
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Due to some maddening technical issues and miscellaneous garbage, the launch of Potato.EXE has been put back to Friday, December 9th! My new YouTube show featuring fun and games and mostly games! Friday Three Games Two Episodes One Potato Zero Superman 64 Friday

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Do you like video games?!

Hey, everyone! It's been a while, but I wanted to let people know what I'm up to. I haven't been doing art as much as a lot of my recent time has been taken up by a YouTube channel I'm a part of called Game Claw. We play our favorite games and even tabletop games. We're kind of new, so our address…

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I'm not mashed, just haven't been able to art at all in the last few months. Trying to fix it, but it's not been working. Soon, hopefully!

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Crypt of the PotatoMancer Let's go on an adventure!... okay that stuff is scary, I'll just stay back here and sell you stuff. Now Available for Crypt of the NecroDancer: The Singin' and Dancin' Ottato Mod!

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No more!

Hey everyone, commissions are now closed. Thanks to everyone who sent an email and everything. I'll be working on your stuff in the next few days! potato power

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Commissions are OPEN

I'm now open for some commissions: full color pics and sketches, all digital. Sketches will be $15, similar to the ones here: Full color images will start at $50, more depending on other factors, mostly mor…

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Weasylin' Around!!!!!!!!!

Hey, folks, it's your buddy Potato Otter here. So I finally got a Weasyl account, but you already know that since I'm here. I'm not going to upload all of my old stuff here, just favorites and such and such. Stay spuddy.