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[CLOSED] Full Body Sketches!

Since FurAffinity is in maintenance for several days. I thought of offering full body sketches here! :) I will charge $35 for these. They will look like these - EXAMPLE I will accept 3-4 for now depening on if I get more than 3 requests here. :) I will not draw: Nudity, overly intricate clothing, i…

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Full Body Sketches [CLOSED]

Hello! I'll try offering full body sketches now! I haven't done this in quite some time and it will be good practice since I've been mostly doing busts now. I will charge $35 for these. They will look like my bust sketches, very clean - EXAMPLE I will offer 3 slots here and 3 slots on FA. As soon a…

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Accepting $20 Bust Sketches [closed for now]

Hello! I am offering bust sketches on FA as well as here. ^^ I would like to offer $20 bust sketches similar to these- EXAMPLE I am accepting 10 slots this round and will be working on them on and off over the next week. Comment with this info down below and I will note you my paypal and any furthe…