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Pencils_DGR / 21 / M / San Antonio Rodriguez, NV

Commissions: Closed
Trades: Open
Requests: Sometimes
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Wa-PAM! Picarto! -Talk to Pencil! -Learn his masterful technique! -Sate his constant need for attention! ALL IN ONE LINK! Go now!

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No upload again?

Again with this shit. I am so bad at having a schedule. Ok, well, not really. Here's the thing: I did have a thing ready, it was a 3-part series. Problem is, the first two were supposed to go out together, and the third part would put me out for a month. February is a significant month for me, so I…

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Okay, so I didn't finish a thing this week, and it does feature a nude character. You can find it on my other pages as a work-in-progress. Should I finish it on stream? I'll leave it to my -5 followers to decide.​

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No uploads?

Aye, no uploads. See, I recently got rats. Pet rats, and I been playing mommy with them. It's a psychological thing, my maternal instinct has pulled me away from my computer. I'm still learning, they're still learning, it's all very time-consuming. So yeah, that explains why I haven't uploaded the…

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I'm in this purely for fun. It is a hobby. There are more things to life than Twitter beef with an anarcho-communist opossum, or constantly stressing myself over internet points, or the never-satisfied lust for attention. It's a drag leaving school every day just to walk into middle school on the i…