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*excessive emotiocons*
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Ok, done with the spam

Sorry about that guys, ALSO-sorry for not posting anything in so long. ^^; If anyone even cares, heh.

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I'm bored. so, yeah---anybody want to request something? :I Please have a reference, or a good description for me, of whatever you want. ^^; Or both. It would be nice. I don't promise anything particularly GOOD. But hey. shrug Free art.

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Intro meme thingy.

shrug everyone's doing it, why not. What's your real name? Lena How tall are you? Last time I checked, about 5'10 What's your natural hair color? Naturally, I'm light brown, but it's darkened over the years. What's your eye color? It's a kind of weird hazel/light brown, sometimes it looks yellow or…

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Welp, This is new. UPLOADED SOME JUNK. Still trying to get used to it all, hahaha. :'D Helps, because I forgot my FA account ages ago. Whatever. This is a journal--it wouldn't go on the main page, right? oHo; I don't even knoooow /rolls away