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OurMassHysteria 2013 Con Schedule!

Hey folks! If you're looking to catch Luminary and Frisket in person (or seriously need to get a picture of yourself with Rusty the Gnoll) our con schedule for the year has been updated. If you see a show listed that you'll be heading to this year, be sure to stop by and say hi at our table! 2013 C…

OurMassHysteria’s avatar is NOW LIVE!!

Frisket's webcomic 'Trapfinders' is now live on ! If you'd like to check out the ongoing story of Hiroko the fox and Kisuke the raccoon as they search for adventure and treasure, check the story out!

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Contact us!

Hey folks, just wanted to let everyone know where you can get a hold of us on the net, and list our various contact info! Since we're always experimenting with new media, we want to make sure everyone can reach out and see all the awesome whenever we add new stuff! You can see our work in all the f…