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I wish I had a scanner so I can scan my doodles. I have a scanner plugged into my old computer, but I don't have Photoshop anymore. I mainly used it to fix up drawings and to scan things, so yeah :< Maybe I can fix it or something? Not sure. We'll see.

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I want to make a character based on this little critter: http://astronomy-to-zoology.tumblr.com/post/79810237485/conura-amoena-is-a-species-of-chalcidid-wasp Help? ;-;

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Um.. I'm kind of sorry there isn't art here. For one ahaha my art kind of sucks and uh I also don't have a scanner so I can't scan my doodles so yeah. My bad. I really need to invest in one because I want to share my doodles with my friends. I'll work on it!

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Get to know me?

Ahaha sorry. Still getting use to this site. I'msorry. What's your real name? It's Chris, but I'd prefer if you call me Devonni. Even Opo is fine. How tall are you? 5'3" Me thinks? I don't remember really. What's your natural hair color? Chocolate Brown. What's your eye color? Blue. It changes to G…