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nut-case / 32 / female / Atlanta, GA

Commissions: Open
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Sorry for the Flood

I'm going threw and uploading all the art I have done for Rismic on FA in the past. They recently passed away and I'd like to have it all together, if for not one else but my self. They were a commissioner and supporter of mine, but most important they were a friend that I grew very close to in the…

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Weasyl Trades?

Anyone out there looking to do a trade. Normally I'm not open, but if you are willing to have your half done first. Then me do mine I'm down! I currently have one trade on my plate. but I'm looking for maybe an icon (or 3) for different sites etc And maybe a real media badge? Any takers? I don't al…

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Sorry about the Flood

Sorry about that guys ^^; I promise I'm going to try and keep u to date from now. Like as I post something on FA I'll cross post here too! Again sorry

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FWA Meme

Where are you staying? My apartment What day are you getting there? Thursday for set up How are you traveling? Marta? Who will you be rooming with? My boyfriend and possibly Tanabi How is the best way to find you? I'll be at dealers table #94 Are there any panels you might be attending? I will do a…

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All Commissions are open

I have the prices listed on my page! If you'd like to get a commission you can either note me here Or email me at and we can work out the details! Thanks weasyl people :D

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HEY GUYS! For you guys that like watching streams, I stream Monday-Saturday 9pm to at least 1am some times until 3. Here's my stream page: If you have an account on tigerdile make sure to subscribe to my channel If you don't! you should make an account. tig…

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Lets try this again

Yep I keep forgetting I have an account here. So sorry for the wave of art just now. but I'll try and up load here more. Maybe even do Weasyl only discounted commissions? and Trades

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Getting the ball rolling

So I'll see I can here. I know I'll be following alot of the same people I know from FA but I hope to make new friends and stuff. thanks to those who have already followed me. HERE'S TO THE FUTURE!