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Hoo Hoo
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Don't mind the sudden art spam. Just posting all of my art here since it's been forever and a half. Don't mind me nothing to see here.

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:: Commissions Closed + Moved to Ohio! ::

just a little update as i haven't posted much art the past week or so, i've moved states entirely again so i'm now in ohio! i apologize for any inactivity or slowness on commissions again, i'm adjusting to the new place uvu; and on that note! as money is no longer a super desperate issue, i am clos…

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Emergency Vet Bill Commissions ::Please Help If You Can!!::

hey, my friend has to pay some bills to get their dog put down! 8( they're old and have all kinds of problems and it's just that time finally, but they need the money REALLY SOON. (by the 16th 8( ) i'm not getting the money i thought i was going to from a different job, but i still want to be able…

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so uh apparently i’m going to have to start paying rent in a month and a half i can’t really say i’m too surprised but i guess this means i’m going to have to shift all focus back to my commissions again (sorry to anyone who was looking forward to inversebent updating, sorry to my request blog, i u…

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Kidney Stones

okay so here’s a little update! i’m back from the hospital and i’m surprised to hear i didn’t need any surgery uwu;; or at least, yet? it’s suuuuper unlikely but uh apparently it was a kidney stone, thaaaat figures. i’m kinda still out of i t and they’re putting me on meds that make me super sleepy…

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Uploading Old Art

I'm going to be uploading all of my old art out of order well almost all of it. All of the talksprites will be uploaded though :3